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Tips to Deal With a Womanizer Boyfriend

Smell the Coffee Please: Tips to Deal With a Womanizer Boyfriend

Having a womanizer boyfriend can make your life really difficult. This article will guide you through dealing with one.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Love, care and trust are pillars that build the base of a beautiful relationship. But in a relation with a womanizer, these are the least and last expected things. Before proceeding to deal with this complex situation, keep in mind that it is only in the rarest of rare cases that a womanizer will come out of his playboy image. But you should not lose hope and try your best to mend his ways before breaking the relationship. Some tips to deal with a philanderer have been discussed in this article.
Signs of a Womanizer
As I had mentioned, roving eyes classify a womanizer. It is innate in him to stare at other women and fantasize them. He enjoys the thrill of chasing many women and then dumping them after fulfilling his motives. In some, this lecherous mentality results from a past heartbreak or rejection, it can also stem from fear of rejection from the present relationship. No girl can tolerate this behavior from her boyfriend. It can be difficult for you to bring the person back on track and you should try doing it only if you want to see a future with him.
  • He knows the ways to attract women and how to use them.
  • He wants variety in life and so is always on the lookout for new victims (girls) to fulfill his sexual motives.
  • He can't stop staring lecherously at other women.
  • He is very good at conversations and will make you feel he loves you and only you.
  • He wants to be surrounded by women to give a boost to his male ego.
  • He flirts with every other woman even with you around.
How You can Deal With Him
Confront Him
It must have often happened with you that you two had gone out for a date and you had caught him openly staring lustfully at some other hot woman. If you catch him red handed, without wasting a minute, you should confront him then and there. Tell him that this is not expected in your presence or absence. Ask him how would he feel if you do the same thing. Make your presence strong in his life and try to spend as much time with him as possible.
Test Him
If you really want the relation to work and want to teach him a lesson or two for life, you should strain him emotionally. Put forth before him the examples of other couples who are deeply committed to each other. Make him jealous by hanging out with other guys. Analyze his behavior after this and only then decide to take the future of action; that is a breakup. Ask and question him about his childhood and past relationships and see how he reacts to it. Judge him and look if there is any tint of goodness in his mind.
Serve an Ultimatum
Once you have decided that the guy is not going to change in his ways, and is still fantasizing about other girls, serve an ultimatum of breakup. But please talk out your fears and expectations to the guy and tell him in clear thoughts what are your expectations are from a relationship. Tell him that you cannot handle this behavior and want a serious relationship. Don't let the sugar coated talks and false promises (for which you had fallen for him) melt you and forgive him. Keep in mind, he is a Casanova and mending his ways is no easy task.
Keep No Expectations
Last but not the least, keep no expectations from a womanizer. As I had said earlier, if you are in relationship with a womanizer, it will be a lot better for you to keep your expectations the least. This is a bitter truth, but is a fact. Try your best to modify his mentality but keep no expectations of commitment, marriage, honesty and even love. Well can this be called a relation then? Absolutely not. Give a deep thought to what and why you are into it and decide for yourself.
I hope you know you are with a wrong person for whom love and relationships are a playground and women sadly, are his toys. Being with a womanizer holds no future sense. If you are still in the early stage of the relationship, stay away from it and if you are quite into the relationship mend his ways or prepare yourself for a breakup.
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