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Understanding Men in Relationships

Understanding Men in Relationships - It's Utterly Perplexing

Men always say that women are very complicated and hard to understand. Does the same hold true for men? Read this LoveBondings article to help understand men in relationships.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Understanding men, though many women will disagree, is quite simple. The reason is that men, unlike women, are very simple creatures. They have simple needs, desires, and are not overtly emotional, like women. Still, many women find themselves in a situation where they never get a call after the first date, or where they have been in a series of broken relationships. They have been dumped by men without any warning, or left waiting for marriage proposal, which never comes their way. If you too have faced a familiar situation, here are a few tips for you.
Tips To Understand Men Better
It is human nature, that we always want the things which we cannot have. And once we have them, our desire fades away. Men are pretty much the same. If on the first date itself, a woman comes across as somebody, who is available to a man, whether emotionally or physically, the man may not fantasize about the woman anymore. So, a useful tip for all single women is to remain a mystery for the man, at least in the initial phases of the relationship. It is a bad idea to tell a man how crazy you are for him, or how much you want him. Let him confess his feelings to you initially, be slightly detached, and give him the opportunity to miss you. Once he makes the first move, you can tell him whatever you want to.
Men like challenges in life, and love to 'chase' a woman. So why deny him his fun? Be slightly unpredictable, once in a while. Do not always agree to what he says. Have your own opinions in life. Be very clear about your needs and expectations, and do not overlook them, even if the man asks you to. A modern, assertive, and challenging woman is much more appealing to a man, than a woman who is always complying to her man's wishes.
Men do not like women who cling to them. A woman who makes huge emotional demands to the man, who constantly looks for his attention, and is always trying to please him, is actually driving him away. So, never ever sound desperate to a man, as it is bound to turn him off. The more a woman clings to a man, the more he will try to distance himself from her.
When a man is in love, he will be at his best behavior around the woman he loves. He will do anything to keep her attention to himself. He will try to know about her likes and dislikes, try to understand her better, and also be protective of her.
Strangely, men in love may sometimes act in a very weird manner. He may act detached, all because he is fearful that he is falling in love with one particular woman. At the same time, he can become a little possessive of the woman he loves, because he fears that the woman might leave him for someone else.
Once a man is truly committed, he will introduce his woman to all his friends, family, and everyone he knows. This is a man's way of showing that the woman now belongs to him. Although marriage is something that makes most men jittery, but when the right woman comes along, men no longer feel that way, and are usually ready for commitment.
As you can see, understanding men is not that difficult. They want the same things from a relationship, and have the same insecurities as women do. With a little understanding and care, a woman can easily get whatever she wants from her man.
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