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Fantabulously Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend
Thinking of surprising your boyfriend on that special occasion or 'simply because', and have no idea whatsoever of how to go about it? Let's give you some great ideas for that, shall we?
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
That's about it. You've made up your mind. It's getting to be too familiar, too direct. What he needs (and least expects) is a great surprise. A surprise that will not only make him really, really happy, but also infuse that special element of fun that seems to be the need of the hour. The occasion could be anything, really. A birthday, a special event, or nothing at all other than to deliver a jolt to the dull, routine, humdrum that has set into his life. One thing you know -- a great surprise it definitely needs to be.
While the idea is of course great, the problem comes in with the 'making it happen', yes? You can't really think of any ideas, can you? But you don't have to -- 'Cause that's what we are here for. We will suggest some of the most versatile ideas that you can find and those that you can use to make that surprise count. Why don't you just peruse through what we have listed out for you and choose what you like best?
Surprise Ideas He'll Love
It does not take all that much to make men happy. The simplest way to go about planning a pleasant surprise for your boyfriend is to make a list of the things that you know he likes and work around those. To get you started, here are some suggestions to inspire you, to inspire him.
Take him on a vacation
Plan a surprise vacation for him. Make sure that you find his available dates so that the plan does not coincide with any important events that he might have. Plan everything to the last detail so that all he has to do is go there and enjoy himself, without having to bother about anything. You can of course send him off alone, but you'd rather go along as well, right? After all, what will he do there all by himself? Not only will it be a great surprise for him, but the both of you can take that much-deserved break as well. It will be a great way to relax, shut out the rest of the world and spend time being close to each other.
Plan a romantic dinner
They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Take advantage of this one and plan something that satisfies his palette. How? There are several choices that you could be looking into. Plan a romantic candlelight dinner by the fireplace or on the beach. Or book a table for two at his favorite restaurant. A picnic brunch is a fun idea as well, and something that one would normally not think of. You can either order in, or you can prepare something at home. You see? The choices are plenty. You just need to clue in on what you think he'd prefer and make it happen.
It's a party surprise
Is his birthday coming up? Your anniversary or valentine's day on the horizon? Or maybe he just got a promotion? Whatever the occasion -- make it a memorable one by throwing him a surprise party. Depending on the occasion, you could have his friends, colleagues and family over or simply make it about the people whom he hasn't been able to catch up in a long time. Get a theme cake that celebrates his passion, play his favorite music at the party and have his favorite food on the menu. We bet it's something that he will always remember.
Mail him something special
Sending stuff by snail mail is truly one of the timeless ways to surprise someone. Send him his favorite cake at the workplace, or something that he's been wanting to buy, but has been unable to-like tickets to a concert or a sports tournament. He'll absolutely love it. I really feel that doing something for your boyfriend out of the blue when there is absolutely no reason to, is the best way to surprise him.
Dazzle him with your makeover
How about an awesome idea that is as much for you as is for him? Get a makeover! We all know that men are more visual than women will ever be, so when you give him something completely new to look forward to, he is going to love it. On most days he sees you rushing off to work, going through the motions of the day, and dressing and looking a particular way. No doubt he loves it, but little changes in your appearance, or even your dressing, and he's bound to fall for you all over again. And you don't really have to spend a lot of money either. The simplest, and yet the most effective way of going about a snazzy makeover is to get a haircut. People in the fashion industry tell us that many people harbor the misconception that makeup can transform their looks; in reality, it is the hairstyle that we flaunt that can change the appearance of a person completely. Not only does it transform the way you look, but it does so with minimalist efforts.
A surprise rendezvous
Most often, men get so caught up in their work that they tend to put everything else in the backseat. This, most usually includes catching up with old friends. Why not plan a surprise around this one? If you know a close friend who your boyfriend hasn't met in a long time, and really wants to, you can secretly plan the meeting for him. Get in touch with the friend, make all the arrangements, then ask your boyfriend to catch up with you at a particular place and have the friend go in instead. Won't he just be too excited for words.
Plan a romantic evening
So it's been really long that the routine has continued in the bedroom? Time to change that around now is it not? Men are visual creatures. So here's what you do -- call him over to your place, go to his place before he comes in, or if y'all are living together, greet him at the door with something that is so out of the ordinary, it will blow his mind. A negligee, or anything right out of his fantasy, or even just his white shirt that comes to your knees, paired with smoky eyes and wet tousled hair will do. Put on some romantic music, dim the lights, master a sultry, seductive voice and make the night full of other surprises as well.
Stack his fridge with beer
So say you're going away for sometime and you want to surprise him while you're away? Here's what you can do - stock up the refrigerator in your/his apartment with his favorite brand of beer. It will be such a wonderful surprise for him when he opens it after you have left. In fact, it will remind him of you and that's always a good thing. Alternately, you could cook a big batch of his favorite cookies or a favorite dish and refrigerate it. He will love pigging out on these.
The smallest of gestures count
There are several random things that you can do to surprise your boyfriend. Run a hot bath for him to indulge in after a long day at work. Hire a yacht over the weekend and sail away on a pleasant summer day. Sneak up behind him and give him a tight hug or shower him with kisses. Bring him a gift that makes his life easier like an electric shaver, a new pair of socks, hangers or a towel heater. Record a match that he has had to miss. Or on your day out with friends, plug in his favorite movie in the DVD player, have his dinner ready on the table and leave him to enjoy that surprise.
See? There are several things like these that you can do to surprise your boyfriend. You just have to think of some, is all. And there you have it, the perfect formula(s) to surprise your boyfriend in many versatile ways. Once you're done with one, you move to the next, and the next, and the next. Nice huh? Now go, choose something that strikes you well and take it from there.