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What Makes Two People Compatible? Find Out Here!

What Makes Two People Compatible?
Compatibility defines an attitude to be in a harmonious relationship wherein the two people involved, have a complete understanding of one another and feelings of love and mutual respect for who they are. Have you wondered what factors go into making two people compatible?
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Compatibility can be seen as being of two kinds. One wherein, two parts exactly match one another, and two wherein, one part fits into the other with effort, to make the two parts seem compatible but they are actually not. This principle applies well to relationships as well. When the people involved in a relationship either match or complement one another in terms of their attributes, they are compatible in the true sense of the term. By the idea of one person trying to fit into the other, we mean that one dissolves into the identity of the other. Dissolution of one's identity into that of the other only creates an illusion of compatibility.
True compatibility is when the two appreciate the strengths of each other and make up for the weaknesses. It is when they love each other for what they are and accept one another wholly and wholeheartedly.
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"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." ~ Sam Keen, To Love and Be Loved
Compatibility between two people is determined by their views on life and their likes and dislikes at large. It is about recognizing the good and no-so-good sides of one another and still loving each other the same. Compatibility in a relationship is indeed rewarding in terms of the physical as well as psychological well-being of those involved. In a truly compatible couple, there is affection and a willingness to take interest in each other. Most importantly, there is mutual trust, respect, and a sense of belonging. Respecting the feelings of one another, spending time together, while also giving each other some individual space, are the important factors that go into making a couple compatible.
Understanding is a vital component of a healthy relationship. A clear understanding of each other's personalities makes the two people compatible. It comprises a true understanding of their feelings. The people involved in a relationship should bear in mind that any individual is bound to have some positive and some negative traits. The positives need to be encouraged while the negatives need to be worked upon. The weaknesses of one another should not be a subject of ridicule or complaint. Individuals in the relationship should rather be ready to make up for the weaknesses. More importantly, the couple should believe in making their relationship work and show the willingness to work towards building and maintaining compatibility.
There are some other factors that contribute to compatibility between two people. Their social, educational, cultural, and financial backgrounds matter. Realizing the differences in these and learning to appreciate them is the key to building relationship compatibility. As the two individuals come from different families, their upbringing and value system is bound to differ. How well and how soon the two bridge this gap, decides how compatible they can be. At the end of the day, compatibility is a lot about dealing with incompatibilities.
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"What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility." ~ Leo Tolstoy
The career objectives of two people, their financial goals, their dreams, their inclination towards certain arts, and their skills in certain fields are some other things that contribute to compatibility in relationships. In case of every couple, these things may not match. So here again, what's important is understanding and respecting what the partner wants from life and supporting him/her in those pursuits.
Every human being wants to be loved. It is human nature to feel the need to be cared for, to have a friend for life, and to have someone to live for. A compatible partner is that one person with whom you can be yourself, that one person you can communicate with on absolutely anything, and that one person you knows you, loves you, and will be there for you, always.
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"Together, we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction." ~ Criss Jami
It is said that compatibility is not something one has; it is something one has to make. The building of compatibility is a process, it is a willingness to work towards making a relationship healthier. It is certainly in one's hands to give a better shape to the love felt for someone, by adding to it the very essential component called compatibility.
People talk of zodiac signs and horoscopes which are believed to determine the compatibility between two people. They give different theories that are considered to define one's compatibility with another. But come to think of it, the feelings that two people have for each other make them a compatible couple.