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Why Do Men Get Bored in Relationships? There are Concrete Reasons

Why Do Men Get Bored in Relationships
Why do men get bored in relationships? Even though this may seem like a tough question to answer, let's try to see what actually is driving some guys to feel this feeling...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
Do men get bored in relationships? Of course, they do. Anyone would, given the decision is made after rational thinking. Everybody, at least once in their lives, comes to a fork in their lives where they seem to require something more than a girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband. Relationships lose the excitement and charm it had in the beginning, and nothing seems to work out like it used to. Before, even the slightest touch from her fingers would attract you to her. The sweet smell emitting from her flowing locks mesmerized you beyond belief. And the passion in your kisses were too hot for you to handle. But these days, that intense connection and the need to be with her every single second has somehow disappeared. How can someone go from being obsessively involved with someone, waking up the next day and finding the relationship plain boring? No guy would just decide to lose interest in the girl he's with. What can be the reason behind this detachment?
Many a time, whenever something goes wrong in a relationship, both partners try to find reasons behind getting distant from one another. Every relationship has its own ups and downs where partners have to face challenges; hearts get broken, trust is shattered, and ill words are exchanged. Which is why, for every bump in the road, there is a valid reason behind it. So what can be the reason for a guy to become bored with his own girlfriend? Why do men get bored when in certain relationships? Are there any concrete reasons or just irrational and immature thinking is at play? Let's find out.
Why Do Men Run Away from Women?
not women (girlfriends or wives) they get bored of. What is missing in their lives is the feeling of excitement, spontaneity, thrill, passion, and perhaps romance. Some men thrive over the constant need to find something new that will satisfy them emotionally and physically. In this case, from their current and/or future partners. When all these things run their course, the exhilaration fizzles down. In the following section, there are few common instances/reasons, which can lead to lack of interest in a relationship for a guy.
He said - She was too easy to have. I need a challenge from a girl...

Some guys like girls who are hard to get. I guess it's some kind of notion they have in their minds that hard-to-get girls are much more exciting to be with. Whether this thinking is true or false, if a guy has such thoughts brewing in his mind, it could lead to dissatisfaction and boredom in any relationship.
Couple Problems
He said -I cannot take her nagging at me all the time...

All men like to stay away from women who have the tendency to nag a lot. In the beginning of the relationship, some women try to show their outgoing, carefree nature. However, if they incline towards being a controlling person, soon they end up expressing it out loud. The problem arises from frustration, it moves on to irritation, and then it quickly turns into wanting to be as far away from the person as possible.
Couple cartoon vector
He said - She doesn't want to be my girlfriend. She wants to be my WIFE...

I'll admit it. Most women think of marriage and babies after first few dates with a guy. This can lead a couple towards serious issues. I'm not trying to say that guys don't think about marriage, but they take their time in coming at this phase in their lives. Whether it's a man or a woman, marriage or any other serious commitment can't be forced upon them.
Man and woman conflict
He said - Making love to her isn't as exciting as it used to be...

This is one of those reasons where every couple can have their own set of issues. What I mean to say here is that each individual has his/her own physical needs and it becomes important for them to fulfill those needs. Discontent and frustration can loom over any couple if these needs aren't met.
He said - I need my space and I need it right now...

Getting intimate and too serious in a relationship can be bad for anyone. It's natural when you feel that you wish to be with the one you love all the time, but distance is also crucial. Giving each other space so that you can miss the other person is the key to wanting to be with them. If you keep eating a particular ice cream flavor all the time and it's accessible to you 24/7, would you be interested in eating it the next time?
He said - She won't let me have my own life and friends...

This sort of overlaps with "I want my own space" reason. Giving a man (and woman) his own space and having your own personal, separate life is healthy for any couple. When a man sees that a woman doesn't require anyone to take care of her all the time, they develop a sense of respect for her. This respect is very important for a woman as the feeling also turns into intrigue and wanting to be with her even more.
There are times when some of these reasons take shape into a man cheating on his girlfriend. The key here is to spice up your love life and actually enjoy the time the two of you share with one another. Changing either one of you won't do anyone any good. Be yourselves, keep all the cards on the table, and then decide whether the relationship is worth pursuing or not.