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Does He Love Me Quiz

Does He Love Me Quiz

Perplexed with his actions? Can't figure out his mind? Don't worry. Take this 'does he love me quiz', to find out the answer.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
He loves me or he loves me not or does he love me a lot? How many more petals are you going to pull apart to decipher his romantic inclinations? It's a lot more difficult to know whether a guy likes you or not. Moreover, if the guy you are interested in is shy, then forget finding out for a long time. So, this worsens your complications. Phew! Tough world, ain't it? Men may be everything they claim to be, even the superior sex for that matter, but men in love do little to hide the signs of interest, affection, and care. With a methodical study, we've designed a 'does he love me quiz'. Set the timer and answer this quiz to know what the status for you is.

He passes you by and he...
  • Just makes eye contact and walks away.
  • Looks into your eyes and gives you a heart warming smile.
  • Stops. Asks his friends to carry on and starts a conversation with you.

He got your number in the...
  • Doesn't have it yet.
  • Second meeting.
  • First time you met him.

You walk into the café and he is sitting with his friends who happen to be your common friends too. There is no more place at the table. So he...
  • Does nothing and continues sitting where he is sitting.
  • Acknowledges your presence and asks you to pull a chair.
  • Gets up from his chair and offers you a seat. Next, he pulls up another chair and sits next to you.

Every time you talk on the phone, he talks about...
  • He only cribs about his friends.
  • Insists that you talk more about yourself.
  • Shares every detail of his life with you and seeks to know more about you too.

You were sick for a week and had to stay at home and thus, you couldn't meet. So the next time he...
  • Asks you jokingly whether your illness is contagious and leaves it at that.
  • He asks you what happened and tells you that he is glad to see you.
  • Asks you if you liked the flowers and the cards he sent to your place.

His ex girlfriend calls him up for her birthday bash with all their common friends. However, he's promised to help you out with your errands. So, he...
  • Tells you that he cannot avoid the party and takes you along to buy a gift for her.
  • Offers you to help out with half your errands, since he needs to make a guest appearance at the party.
  • Forgets about the calls and spends the time helping you out with the errands.

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Loving someone is always a one sided affair. What you get back is extra. So instead of wondering whether he loves you, fall in love with him over and over and over again. Ciao!