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The Hidden Secret of How Men Fall in Love is Finally Revealed

Read on to know the various stages that men go through when they fall in love.
You will find hundreds of books and articles, suggesting 'n' number of ways to make a man fall in love with you. But they are all irrelevant if you do not have the basic understanding of how a man's brain works, vis-a-vis his interest in the opposite sex is concerned. Here is some interesting info on the different stages that men go through, when they fall in love.

Stage One: Physical Attraction

Unlike women, who look more for security, comfort, emotional connection with their prospective partners to have any feeling of intimacy, most men fall in love with a woman, just because of her good looks. Men's brains are naturally programmed to look at women from the point of view of prospects who will carry on their genes. So, they are always attracted to women who seem healthy (read: curvaceous), young, and energetic. In fact, many men are known to have fallen in love head over heels with a woman in the first meeting itself.

Stage Two: Mental Stimulation

Men are very visual creatures. They can be simultaneously physically attracted to a lot of women. So what is it that will make a man fall in love with one particular woman? Well, it could be anything, sometimes as simple as how she laughs or talks, or how she is passionate about something. It could be her sense of humor or intelligence, whatever that distinguishes her from other women. Once he feels that a particular woman is fun to be with, has her own interests and life, and that he enjoys her company to a great extent, then it can be said that stage two of his falling in love, has arrived. In this stage, he finds her unique and special, may even consider dating exclusively, and also protects her from the advances made by other men towards "his" woman.

Stage Three: Emotional Connection

It is easier to identify that a man is in love, when he forms an emotional connection with a woman. In this stage, the man will start to see his future with the woman. He will have no problem declaring his love to her, and also to his friends and family. He will start thinking "we" instead of "me", and the same will translate into his actions.

To predict exactly when men fall in love or how, is not that easy. A sure shot way to know it is when he starts missing your presence. There are a lot of ways to make him fall in love with you such as showing him your sensitive side, giving him full freedom, respecting his opinions, having your own life away from the relationship, and making him a happier person by tickling his funny bone, every now and then. If you think that you are capable of doing all this, there is no way a man can resist your charms.

So going by that, being physically attractive, mentally alert, energetic, and full of life, are all the essential ingredients which a woman should possess to win a man's heart.
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