How to Deal With a Cheating Boyfriend

Cheating by any of the partner is the worst thing that can mar a relationship. This article will help you in dealing with your cheating boyfriend.
LoveBondings Staff
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Poor girl calls her guy. No response. She calls him again. No response for the second time. After many attempts, finally he receives the call, and then the girl says let's go out. Guy says he is busy for the whole next week, and hangs up! Has there been a similar case with you? Suspicion starts building up. Earlier you had the honor to be the busy bee, and he used to get down on his knees to plead you for that quick five minute date. Period.
Back to reality, you do some deep breathing exercises to get over the raging anger and suspicion in you. Successfully you convince yourself that he is 'really busy'. The story doesn't end here. Now you hear from your trustworthy friends, that they had seen him cuddling and cozying up with some hot girl in the most happening restaurant in the town. Rage, jealousy, confusion, drama and tears! Fact - your boyfriend is cheating on you; all these are clear signs of a cheating boyfriend. Cheating by a partner in a relationship is said to be the most prominent cause of relationship breakups. But, before calling it quits in rage, think of some ways to deal with your him. If there is love, your relationship can survive this crisis too.
Is He Really Cheating?
Don't trust anyone who tells you about his secret pleasure trips, blindly. People have this inborn tendency to gossip about non-existent things. Thus, verify facts for yourself before concluding he is cheating. Boys have a natural tendency to go weak in the knees on seeing a good looking and attractive girl. But this doesn't mean he is cheating on you. Cheating in a relationship is a far more serious issue. It means he is double dating, and enjoying two worlds, one of you and the other of some other girl. Cheating also means he is still confused; wants the other girl, and still doesn't want to lose you. Thus, determine if he is really cheating.
Is it Love?
Cheating in a relationship will not be acceptable to anyone, whether it is a girl or a boy (only if there is love). Think! Do you really love him? Would not be able to live without him? Even after knowing that he is ignoring you, are you still drawn to him? Even after knowing he is a big time cheater, you still think of him hundred times a day. If all the answers are echoing a big yes from you, you are in love with the cheater, for sure. Thus, dealing with the guy to get him back on track holds 'some' sense.
Does He Love You?
Analyze his behavior. Girls have the blessed power to understand real love, and what a guy wants. When a guy cheats, in most of the cases it sadly means he is no more interested in the girl. But you have still not broken up, thus it means there is still some chance to make the relationship a success and mend his ways.
Confront Him!
A complicated relationship holds no meaning and is sheer waste of time. Confront him and talk your mind. Clear all your apprehensions; tell him you cannot bear this cheating and going out with others girls tendency. Serve an ultimatum of breakup and give some time to him to decide and mend his ways. Analyze the behavior after a few days, and take a final decision based on it.
Spend Time
Dealing with a cheating boyfriend is a real difficult task. Try to spend as much as time with him to have you on his mind. Set some rules, like he needs to call you twice a day and meet you daily. The time you spend together is inversely proportional to his probability of cheating.
Torture Him Emotionally
Take your guy out for an opera show; tell him the Romeo and Juliet story of true love. Make him realize what he is doing is wrong and unacceptable. Make him feel ashamed and guilty of his deeds by showing your trust and honesty. Not all of a sudden (guys being hard nuts), but he will surely melt after some time seeing your behavior. Emotional torture is the best way to deal with a cheating boyfriend.
P.S.: Cheating is totally unacceptable, and no matter how much you want the relationship to work, back off. Cheating is the sign of a contaminated mind that can never be purified!