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How to Attract Men with Body Language

How to Attract Men With Body Language - Quite a Subtle Art

Tell me if there is anything more interesting than knowing how to attract men with body language! Join in as we try to get this form of non-verbal communication correct in this article.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
Many guy friends, a fabulous group of girls and guys and basically having a wonderful time hanging out and partying with them was what Sarah's life was all about. She had a fantastic career ahead of her. The only thing was all the girls in her group were either engaged or had boyfriends, and she was the only one single. Sarah was smart and quite good looking, and was a girl with a good heart. There was no reason for her not to find someone.
Been there done that? Or seen that happen probably with your best friend? What could be the answer to this? Is it mastering the art of body language and attraction, or the property of being a plain Jane? If it is the former, you may want to know how to change your body language in order to attract men.
Attract Men with Body Language
They say that the first impression is the last impression. Well, not exactly, but it is true to some extent. So we take the fundas, starting from that norm.
  • Primal Instinct:
    The primal instincts always overpower any other quality. The looks and the appearance of a girl are the first things that attract a guy. Even before you interact with that person, you have made an impression on the guy. The bottom line is, dress well, feel good, and do some make-up if you feel like. Whatever you do, you should feel good and confident.
  • Smiling is the Key:
    You cannot be all snooty and grim faced while talking to a guy, especially when you have sort of liked him at first sight. So smile, but do not laugh raucously, as that can put off your guy. Wear a sweet smile when while talking to guys if you want them to find you attractive. This smile should come from within, and not just because that is a tool of attraction. There is nothing as bad as faking a smile. A smile from the heart always works when it comes to attracting men.
  • Lip Sync:
    Is it your first date? Dunno what to do? Let me tell you. If you are eating, there is your chance of making yourself more attractive to him. When you eat, lick your lips slightly and eat the food with a purposeful but subtle show of pleasure. Oh yes, and make sure that you look into his eyes and smile demurely while you lick your lips a bit. The guy is surely going to fall for you! Ask anyone how to attract a guy, and this is what they will tell you.
  • Eyes Say it All:
    Eyes are a powerful medium of expressing what is in your mind. If you want to know about how to seduce men, or how to turn guys on, it all starts from the eye contact and what your eyes say. Flirtatious body language is initiated by your eye contact and then taken ahead. So, simply put, maintain a good and pleasant eye contact with the guy you like.
  • Hairy Tales:
    Playing with your hair and toying with it is one of the most potent weapons when you want to attract men with your body language. It has a dual connection. It says that you are attracted to him and, if you have reasonably good hair, that is one of the things that men find attractive in women. Toss it around or run your hand through it.
These are some general pointers about how your body language should be if you want a guy to fall for you. Last, but not the least, a cardinal rule of how your body language should be to make a guy fall for you is to be confident and to be yourself. And before you do all this, get a general idea if he is at least a wee bit interested in you.