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How to Know if Your Ex Still Loves You

Having feelings for exes is something very common and something that sometimes just refuses to go away. If you think you're experiencing a similar situation with your ex, then in this article you'll find some probable signs that your ex still loves you. Check and see if they match his or her behavior.
LoveBondings Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
People deal with broken relationships in their own different ways. While some take it up as a passing phase and just pick up the pieces and move on, there are some who simply cannot accept the fact that the relationship has come to an end. Whatever the reason may be, the end of a relationship always brings a level of sadness with it, especially, if one person wanted to end it and the other did not. The way of coping with the end of a relationship that you did not want to end can take different forms. The signs that a person is still hung up on his or her ex can manifest themselves quite obviously. If you think your ex is still in love with you, check if he does any of the below...
* This article assumes that the ex is a male, purely for the sake of writing convenience. It does not have any other connotations whatsoever.
... Tells you So
Well, the most obvious sign is the fact that he keeps telling you that he does. If you and your ex did not part ways by a mutual decision (read it was you who wanted to split up), chances are that he still loves you. Does he keep calling you in the middle of nothing to simply say that he loves you? Does he send you text messages professing his love for you and wanting to reconcile? Does he get common friends to tell you that he still loves you? If your answers are yes, yes, and yes, then your ex most probably still loves you.
... Wants to be 'Friends'
Personally, I believe that two people who really love each other, when separated for whatever reasons, cannot remain 'friends'. There's always something left. You might not feel it, but your ex still might have feelings for you. That may be the reason he's insisted that you'll remain friends even after a breakup. That could be the reason why he might want to talk to you often (as friends), meet up with you (again, as friends) and find out how your day was, what you did, who you met, etc. all just 'as friends'. He may simply be putting up a veil of friendship to hide the feelings that he still has for you.
... Gives you Signs
Body language is one of the most telltale signs in any kind of relationship. You must have studied his body language in the initial phase of your relationship. The way he looks at you, where and how he touches you, how he sits when he is around you, where does he look when he's talking to you, etc. Small, but important signs like these can tell you whether he still loves you and wants you back or not. If he's still physically attracted to you, he will most probably exhibit the same signs that he did when you were together.
... Gets Jealous
Another sign is unexplained bouts of jealousy. If you mention that you went out with colleagues of the opposite gender, how does he react? Does he seem okay with it or does he get into a fight about how he does not like you doing it? If you mention that you're dating someone else now, how does he take it? If he responds with a friendly (read healthy) jealousy, then there's no problem. But if he tends to get extremely jealous, sad and/or agitated, that's when you know that he still thinks of you as his own and that he still loves you.
... Remains Single
Just like all the other signs mentioned here, this one too is subjective, but true in many cases. If your ex still harbors feelings for you, there are chances that he has not let himself think about anyone else to date, and hence is still single. Maybe he's mourning the demise of the relationship or he's just not given up on what the two of you had. Either way, it will definitely seem like he's still in love with you.
... Flirts with You
This may be one of the subtle signs, but it sure helps in telling if your ex still loves you or not. The thing about flirting is that the more harmless it is, the more fun it is. So, if you and your ex enjoy mindless, thoughtless and harmless flirting now and again, then it's a balance between the two of you and no one can really tell if either of you have feelings for each other. But if, after the end of the relationship, your ex continues to flirt with you, in person, over the phone, or via text messages etc., even though you do not respond likewise, he may still be in love with you. If you find it awkward and unpleasant to flirt with him, but he still continues to do it, he might still be in love with you.
Dealing with an ex who still loves you is entirely up to the person. While you may feel guilty about putting the person through such emotional turmoil, you must remember that you left him for a reason. The only reason you should go back is if you feel that you too are still in love with him. Don't do it out of guilt, and most certainly not out of pity. You'll only be further damaging the relationship that you both already share.