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Facts and Statistics of Infidelity

Shocking Facts and Statistics of Infidelity You'd Never Believe In

Facts regarding infidelity give you an overview of the cheating patterns of males and females in the underrated institution of marriage. The article below highlights some facts and statistics of infidelity.
Kundan Pandey
The current scenario of the world regarding relationships and commitments may compel you to believe that marriage is no longer an institution that is regarded with the same traditional vows and values in the modern world, as it was during the past. Statistics are blowing the trumpet that infidelity is the modern-day reality. The truth about deception is revealed further in this write up through some shocking facts and information.
Infidelity Facts
  • Cheating statistics are increasing at a staggering rate. Many magazines and surveys have come out with numerous statistics. Long-lasting marriages and healthy relationships seem to be an elusive search for couples these days.
  • According to researchers, gut instinct is the most common clue of infidelity. If you're feeling something is different with your partner, you almost know it. 80% women are rightly able to guess if their husbands are cheating on them by rightly identifying the signs of infidelity while only 50% men are able to correctly know if their wives are cheating on them.
  • A study suggests that nearly 40% men and 60% women in USA have been in some sort of extramarital affairs at some point of their marriage.
  • Almost 22% men have been at least once in an affair during their married life.
  • A Time-CNN survey stated that nearly 50% Americans think that the affairs of Bill Clinton (in the year 1998) makes him morally similar to any normal married man.
  • A whooping 90% believe adultery is wrong! Wonder then why most of them get involved in adultery themselves?
  • Around 17% of total divorce cases are due to infidelity, says a popular lifestyle magazine.
  • Online dating and the Internet revolution has led to a new field of interest, that is Internet infidelity. Couples get unexplainable joy in getting in a relationship with online partners even while being married to someone.
  • 74% men cheat for feeling lack of love and care from their wives.
  • Emotional infidelity in marriage is becoming more prominent among partners who're emotionally withdrawn from each other.
  • Studies by psychologists indicate that there has been growing evidence about the fact that adulterous behavior in parents affects children when they grow into adults. Parents that are cheating spouses are likely to see their kids do the same.
There have been lots of studies and research on infidelity. The most primitive argument for men cheating their spouses is that humans (mostly men) are polygamous by nature and so they cheat. Blaming infidelity on biology seems to be an evolutionary logic men have invented to defend themselves against infidelity. So are primal instincts to be blamed? And if this is the reason for men, why do women cheat? Well, there can be many reasons, ranging from emotional insecurity to several marital problems that can disturb a marriage.
In recent years, when western society is experiencing liberalism in totality, women are not behind men when it comes to infidelity. Certainly, something is missing in marriages and commitment nowadays, that is leading to an increase in statistics at a stupendous rate. Trusting these statistics may not seem convincing to you but none of us is blind when it comes to increasing divorces in the western world, especially due to cheating and infidelity. Hopefully, this must have given you at least some idea about infidelity penetrating deep into our societal structure. Or it was always existent and is now coming out in open, when people are openly talking about their relationships.
Note: Infidelity is very secretive in nature. However, with more people confessing these days about their flings, love affairs and relationships, it has been a bit easier to come up with some conclusive statistics. Else, there is no way to exactly predict patterns of cheating prevalent in the society. Government websites can only inform us about the ever rising divorce statistics, one of the main reasons for which infidelity has seen a corresponding rise. Care has been taken to authenticate these statistics and then present them to the readers. However, these must not be taken as a substitute for a professional statistician's expertise.