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Take Charge Girls! Here are Some Pick Up Lines to Use On Guys

Pickup Lines to Use On Guys
While men are seen as a bold species for walking up to a woman they're interested in, women too can be bold enough to mimic the same. While their demeanor is seen as forward, it's a refreshing change to see a woman take charge sometimes.
Sayali Bedekar Patil
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018
While some women can confidently reveal that they're not single (when asked), there are some men who wouldn't be as honest. If a woman walks up to a man she doesn't know, it strokes his ego in a way that tells him he's good enough to be approached (therefore lying about being single).

Not everyone likes the idea of being walked up to by a total stranger, but women who approach men have it better at the game. For those ladies out there who want some sizzle on a Saturday night or are just plain frustrated to still be single, these pickup lines to use on guys will do the trick (wink).
Pickup Lines for Girls to Use on Guys
Hispanic woman taking photograph of boyfriend
  • You are just the way I like my coffee. Tall, dark and strong.
  • Don't be so picky... I wasn't!
  • I read palms. It says you're gonna call me soon.
Couple shopping in a supermarket
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again?
  • I need some air, cause you just took my breath away!
  • There must be something wrong with my eyes. I can't seem to take them off you.
This beautiful flower is only for you
  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put 'U' and 'I' together.
  • There's no time like the present to take me out on a date.
  • Aren't you the guy who's supposed to buy me a drink?
  • You look really familiar. Are you a famous actor?
Man and Woman Noticing Each Other
  • Hey, could you pose with me while my friend takes a picture? I want to make my ex-boyfriend jealous.
  • So, what does it feel like to look so good?
  • My mother taught me to be a very good girl. But today, I feel naughty.
  • You look like my next boyfriend.
  • What took you so long to come into my life?
Smiling man and woman talking in gym
  • What does a girl have to do to get a guy to buy her a cup of coffee?
  • Tomorrow when I wake up, I hope you're the first thing I see.
  • I like a man who knows who he wants.
  • You're the kind of guy any girl would be lucky to have.
Some of these pickup lines to use on guys may come off as pretty direct, but it all depends on how straightforward you want to be. If he's someone you'd really like to get to know, then choose an ordinary pickup line. But if you're looking for some fun, then you know which ones to go with.
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