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ISTP Relationship Compatibility with Other Personality Types

ISTP Relationship Compatibility with Other Personality Types

In romance, sometimes there's an instant click while at other times, it's a total miss. What's the reason for this? Personality! How compatible your personalities are will decide how your relationship will turn out to be. Yup, it's not that simple, but we try to decipher the relationship dynamics of the mechanic, that is, an ISTP.
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ISTPs bond pretty naturally with ESFJs and ISTJs.
Myers-Briggs personality indicator distributes personalities into 16 types based on their preferences for introversion-extroversion, sensing-intuition, feeling-thinking, and perceiving-judging. The reason someone seems so attractive to you could be because your similarities or differences click. Yup, a lot comes into play, but knowing little things may just help you understand certain quirks of your partner or crush.

Here, we discuss ISTPs and their relationship compatibility with other personality types.

ISTPs are called mechanics or craftsmen because they love to see how things work. They are logical and rational introverts who handle their relationships in a similar manner. But they can be charming as hell, and very sensuous.

Know your ISTP

I - Introversion
They need some lone time to recharge and gain energy. They may not necessarily be shy, but prefer to be in their own space. These people may come across as cold and aloof sometimes.

S - Sensing
The sensing perspective makes them very practical, and they live in the moment. They don't really get carried away over silly things.

T - Thinking
People with a thinking perspective have a very rational and logical approach to everything in life. They don't let their emotions affect their decisions.

P - Perceiving
The perceiving perspective makes ISTPs totally laid back and flexible individuals. They don't take everything too seriously, and can be lazy sometimes.

ISTPs in Love

♥ ISTPs can be equally intense and exciting. They take time to understand their feelings. In fact, they may suppress their feelings initially.

♥ They live in the moment and get intense feelings. They may not be able to handle their feelings sometimes, as their feeling perspective is less developed.

♥ Their inexpressive nature may cause them problems. But once they commit, they are very loyal partners. All the time, they won't tell you how they feel, but their actions will prove their love.

♥ They need their space and may sometimes come across as cold or aloof. They tend to get uncomfortable if someone barges in their personal space.

♥ Just the way they love fixing things, they may try to fix their partner. But if someone tries to change them, they will protest. They get stressed if pressurized or told to behave in a certain manner.

♥ ISTPs are very sensual lovers and have an inherent charm that makes them attractive to the opposite sex.

ISTP - ISTP Relationship

♥ An ISTP-ISTP relationship is a rather interesting one. There will be a lot of drama as both will try to "fix" each other. But, you can expect complete loyalty from both the partners.

♥ There will be a lot of hiccups in the beginning, but once both are aware of each other's feelings, things will become smoother.

♥ ISTPs can easily move on, and prefer to let go without any baggage. Even if they break up they may not hold grudges. They will continue to be good friends.

ISTP Relationship Compatibility With Other Types

ISTP Compatibility
Natural Partners ESFJ ISTJ
Magnetic Attraction ISFJ INTP
Potential Matches INTJ ENTP
Clashing Personalities INFP INFJ

ISTP Dating Tips

♥ Dating an ISTP can be a little intimidating at the beginning. They will always ensure that you have a good time, but may come across as cold sometimes.

♥ They are very confident individuals and do make exciting partners. You just gotta be a little patient with them.

♥ Don't expect your ISTP partner to put everything he/she feels, in words. They prefer to let their actions speak. So rather than those typical mushy dialogs, romantic talk, and sweet nothings, he/she will do something useful or practical for you.

♥ ISTPs will try to mend a broken relationship, but if they realize that there's no point, they will walk away.