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7 Things You Absolutely Should NOT Wear On Your First Date

7 Things You Shouldn't Wear On Your First Date
Dressing up smartly for your first date is very important. Making an excellent first impression can fatten the chances of going on a second date. If you go for your date wearing more than one of the mentioned pieces, then say bye-bye to your dream man/woman.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Quick Tip!
Avoid wearing anything black on your first date. Instead, opt for colors like peach, coral, and yellow as they give the impression of a warm and happy person.
The thought of going on a first date can sometimes leave you with a nervous feeling; after all, if you really like the guy, you would want him to call you after your first date. They say, the first impression is always the last, so to impress that guy you need to dress up well to win his heart. Likewise, men too are anxious to impress on the first date.

In their attempt to appear all suave and stylish, they sometimes take it too far and end up ruining their chances of taking things to the next level. So, to avoid making these blunders, guys and girls, LoveBondings has got some tips on how not to dress on your first date. Among the plethora of dos and don'ts floating around, we have shortlisted a few things that are an absolute no-no.

Let us first begin with the ladies, though the rules about the clothes or attire mentioned here are not set in stone, following them is likely to ensure that your first date passes off without any major hiccups.
What Girls Should Not Wear On The First Date
Skimpy Revealing Dresses
Blonde girl In blue
The one thing that you don't want any guy to take away on a first date is the wrong impression. Wearing a very skimpy dress, which reveals your bosom, bra straps, or wearing a really short skirt, will give off a very wrong impression. You want to be comfortable in your clothes so that you can get to know each other better. After all, who wants to keep adjusting their skirt or top the whole evening? Instead, you can focus on one of your body's strong points, if you have petite shoulders, go for an off- shoulder dress, or if you have shapely legs, wear a short skirt and pair it up with a decent and stylish blouse.
Heavy Makeup
Beautiful Girl
Wearing a very dark red color lipstick, or a loud eye-shadow will not make you look pretty. Generally, guys dig into a girl's natural beauty. But you will come off too strong with loud makeup especially if it's a coffee date or a stroll in the park. Save the efforts of wearing heavy makeup for some other occasion.
Glittery Dress
Beautiful Girl
It's a date for god's sake, not some party. Agreed, you like to party and may have a huge collection of party clothes. But don't show them off in your first date, girl. Avoid wearing anything glittery or a sequined dress or a skirt. It's a date and not your college prom.
High Heels
beautiful girl in Black
Don't wear heels which will make your feet sore and uncomfortable the whole time. You can look classy even while wearing some nice flat sandals. No matter how great and stylish your heels look, avoid wearing them because you don't want to be hobbling around on your first date.
Girl in sneakers
Unless you are planning to run a marathon with your date, skip on them too. Avoiding high heels does not mean, you will get too comfortable and wear a pair of sneakers to your date. You don't want to give off a too casual or tomboyish impression to your date.
When we say do not show too much skin that certainly does not mean wrapping yourself from top to bottom with heaps of clothes. You surely need to display your feminine side. Agreed, guys like to see a bit of skin, but they don't want you dressing up too uncomfortably either. Personally, I have nothing against turtlenecks and am a huge fan, but I wouldn't want to remind the guy of his mom. Girls, I am sure you would agree.
Too Much Perfume
On the first date, every guy and girl wants to smell just right. The right fragrance can make you feel good, attractive, sexy, romantic. Now, this one is slightly tricky, just how much is too much? Well, there isn't a clear definitive answer to this one, do not slather yourself with so much perfume that it blows the socks off his feet. A simple light fragrance is far more attractive than loads of perfume. The mantra here being 'less is more'.
What Guys Should Not Wear On The First Date
Too Much Of Bling-Bling
man wearing a hat and medallions
You maybe the coolest rapper in town or maybe the leader of your gang, but wearing too much jewelry, such as chunky chains, rings, or even nose piercings for that matter, is a big turn-off. You don't want your date to feel like she is dining with a gangster.
Cargo Pants
Boy wearing Cargo Pant
Sure, you plan to go for fishing after your date, but that does not mean you wear cargo pants or shorts to meet the girl that you have been crushing on for the past 10 months. They look baggy, plus they lack the cool look of denims.
Young Boy Wearing Sandal
You certainly don't want to end up looking like a tourist in your own city now, do you? Casual clothes are good but pairing them up smartly is the key. No girl would ever want to go on a date with a guy who does not take the whole idea of going out seriously.
Boy In blue T Shirt.
You love to sweat it out in the gym and you have a massive collection of all branded sportswear which highlights your abs and biceps perfectly. But don't wear them on your date, the last thing a girl would want to see you is in your sleeveless tees and track pants.
Boys Wearing Hat
Avoid any sort of hats on your first date. Be it a cowboy, Fedora, or anything else, just don't make a fool of yourself by wearing one. Hats are reserved for special occasions and going on a date is definitely not one among them. You trying to look cool and casual will ruin your chances of going on a second date with this girl.
Boy in formal dress
If you are planning to wear a blazer, remember you are not gonna walk down the aisle after your first date. But if you will wear it, then definitely you will never walk down the aisle ever with this girl. A blazer is perfect for other more formal occasions and ceremonies, if you want to look stylish and smart, pick something else.
Bow Tie
Some geeks feel that pairing up a checkered shirt with a bow tie will make them look classy, but, in fact, it will make you look like a nerd. Pass on the bow tie on your first date, unless you want to look like a movie usher.
Avoid these major fashion blunders, and have fun on your first date. Now, having told you what not to wear, girls check out these outfit ideas to win his heart so that you are assured of your second and third date as well. Also, avoid wearing anything which makes you super uncomfortable.