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Kissing Tips for Beginners

Kissing Tips for Beginners: This One's for the Innocent Newbie

It is a good idea to be armed with certain kissing tips so that you can go ahead and kiss the guy or girl you like (Do seek permission!). Here I have particularly mentioned some tips for beginners.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Love has myriad dimensions and kissing is the simplest way of expressing your intimacy for your special one! You may be mentally rehearsing for a considerable amount of time to kiss your crush but unfortunately the thought has not yet materialized into a passionate kiss (hard luck!). Now, it's the time to pull up your socks and tell your crush that you like him/her and deliver a passionate kiss (easier said than done! duh!). But you got to take the willingness (that you have in abundance, that's why you are reading this article). So take the plunge and get ready for a real once-in-a-life-time experience (though, many more, may be in the pipeline, if everything goes well and fine!).
Remember These
There are a plethora of kissing techniques, so you can be assured that once you are an expert you can try all the possible permutations and combinations (wow!). But, before you have the adrenaline rush, have patience and first understand the basics of how to kiss? If you are going on your first date and you are nervous about the possibility of a kiss, then you must carefully follow the following tips.
Seek Permission, Permission Granted!
Well, you can't directly kiss your crush or the new guy/girl in your life without any platform (of course, nobody is so dumb!), and so it makes much sense to understand the situation and then proceed. If you seek permission and your special one is also ready for the kiss (lucky you!), it makes the kiss more passionate and enjoyable, as both of you will give your best and without any hesitation (hurray!).
Remember your body language has a more appealing and sensitive language of its own, so be confident and present yourself nicely, not to mention with good sense of humor. You can definitely try to use some flirting tips (Warning, don't overdo flirting, manage your emotions well!). If unfortunately your permission is denied, then keep trying until you succeed (best of luck!).
Get Rid of Obstructions!
Well, the location where you wish to accomplish your mission (kiss) must definitely not be the classroom of your college or the park nearby your home or in the worst scenario your partner's house. If you are a guy and wondering how to kiss a girl, here's a piece of advice. Take care you don't sit somewhere in the vicinity of your girlfriend's house or else you better know what will happen if the girl's father sees you! Run!
Select a normal hangout for couples, a coffee shop or a park with not many people around. You need to have free environment where least possible number of eyes are peering on you and analyzing your every move! (stupid people, it seems they don't have any other work! You carry on!).
Final Check Out of Instruments
Now, you are ready to ride the moment of your life. The kissing tips for girls are in no way different from guys, the only thing you need to maintain is a good hygiene and take care that your mouth and breath in particular smells good. After all, rough and rugged lips will repel your date or partner miles away from you. So, check out your dress, be presentable and carry mouth fresheners with you.
The Runway is Ready, Plane to Take-off!
You both are ready. The eyes have met and you are close enough to feel the warmth of your breath! Your heads may collide softly or may be the nose (laugh it off!, it's the first time, you will get better with experience!). Remember the role of eyes is very crucial (first time you may not be able to maintain perfect eye-to-eye contact but still try it for some time). Looking at each other intensifies the kiss (though as you proceed your eyes will automatically close).
Slowly bring your lips close enough to touch your partner's lips. Start on a lighter note and softly rub your lips on your date's lips. Now, don't be aggressive (this holds true for both girls and guys, it's not that guys are aggressive always!) Now, since the lips had enough of each other, start sucking the lips gently. Both of you will obviously co-operate and so it will surely be an enjoyable experience. You can keep your thumbs gently on your partner's cheek, and just cup her/his face and sprinkle some more intensity in the kiss. You can gently bite your date's lips. But remember to bite it gently! Support her (generally guys are supposed to do this) and hold her in your hands!. Kiss, kiss and kiss and take away with you the never-ever lived sensations! Store them in the best and most active part of your gray cells so that you can revisit them and get a good feeling every time you think of those cherished memories.
Enjoy kissing and have fun!
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