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Love Quizzes for Girls

Love Quizzes for Girls to Understand Their Own Feelings

Confused whether you love him or just like him? Is it just infatuation? Too much of confusion, isn't it? However, with our love quizzes for girls, you can get rid of all this confusion immediately. So, what are you waiting for?
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Why do we need these quizzes? In case of doubt, we can always consult our friends, ask them for advice, and draw nearly-perfect conclusions ... or can't we? When you approach people for suggestions, chances are high you'll hear what they 'want' to say, and not what they should. I know there are plenty of love quizzes for girls, and trust me, they're all going to work only if you tell the truth. When you take the quizzes in this article, make sure you tell 'what it is' and not what you 'think it is'. Having said that, we're now ready to proceed to the questions. Let's begin ...
Love or Infatuation Quiz
  • Do you pay a lot of attention to the way you look when you meet him?
    • Yes
    • No
  • If your friend confesses a crush on the person you like, do you get jealous?
    • Yes
    • No
  • On a Saturday night, if another girl tries to flirt with him and he reciprocates, does it make you angry?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you daydream about him?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Whenever you get the opportunity to spend some time with him, do you grab it with both hands?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you feel that he is just the best person for you?
    • Yes
    • No
  • When you are with him, do you forget everything else?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Does time come to a standstill when you are with him?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you pray to God to make him also fall in love with you?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Does your heartbeat increase when he approaches you?
    • Yes
    • No
  • When you're alone, do you find yourself thinking about him?
    • Yes
    • No
  • What do you like about him the most?
    • I think he is really attractive, I guess he'll be a nice person too!
    • He's really hot and cute!
  • Do you go weak in the knees the second you see him?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you smile all the time for no apparent reason?
    • Yes
    • No
If your answers are mostly the first option, then my dear lady, you are clearly in love with him. It is time to give him hints about your feelings, maybe even he feels the same for you. And if maximum answers were option two, maybe it's just infatuation.
What Kind of Girlfriend are You?
  • His parents are talking about a divorce and he's gutted. He keeps breaking down all the time. So you:
    • try to find fun things to do to cheer him.
    • avoid him - you find mushy men a real turn-off.
    • go around and talk to his parents about it when he's not there.
  • You see your boyfriend talking to the most beautiful girl in school and you:
    • forget about it and walk away to meet him at lunch
    • run to him, take him somewhere else, and tell him not talk to her again.
    • go and kiss him in front of her.
  • Your boyfriend comes up to you when you are talking with your buds and says his dog died last night. You say:
    • "Oh, I'm so sorry! I know how it feels." and give him a little hug.
    • "That's bad." and keep talking to your buds.
    • "Let's talk about it." and ask your friends to leave and spend the entire day with him.
  • You like it best when you and he:
    • have a good laugh together with your friends.
    • go out to someplace romantic and expensive.
    • go to somewhere private where you won't be disturbed.
  • Your boyfriend has been distant lately and you suspect that he is having doubts about your relationship. You:
    • ask him about it, but don't pry thinking he will tell you when he is ready.
    • break up with him first before he even gets the chance ... you win!
    • freak out and tell him that breaking up with you would be the worst decision of his life.
  • You ask him to join you for a party with your friends and he turns up in hideous attire that looks like it belongs to his grandma. You:
    • tease him about wearing his granny's coat but still appreciate him coming.
    • sneak off with another guy who knows how to dress.
    • Be with him like you normally would, without caring about his attire.
  • Who usually does the running when it comes to making arrangements to see each other?
    • Sometimes you, sometimes him.
    • Almost always him; you like to be chased.
    • You don't care and don't meet him if he doesn't plan.
If your answers are mostly option 1 ...
You are a dream come true for guys! You are balanced about your feelings and most importantly, you are his good friend. Keep up your good work!
If your answers are mostly option 2 ...
No doubt you are in search of the 'perfect' guy and cannot put up anyone who is less perfect. You do have super confidence, but this overconfidence might be hurting your guy. So before you dump your guy, do remember that no one is perfect!
If your answers are mostly option 3 ...
You are surely head over heels in love with your prince charming. But that does not mean that you don't give him any space. If you constantly feel that he will leave you, you are clearly mistaken. You just need to relax and be yourself. Along with love, also provide him space.
I hope you enjoyed these love quizzes for women. If you answer each question honestly, you will get answers. And these answers will guide you through your doubts and confusion. All the best!
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