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14 Popular Online Dating Sites for Singles

Dating can be termed as a process of knowing another person with an intention of have a lifelong companionship. As simple as this explanation may sound, the process is an equally complicated one. A relief comes in the form of online dating, wherein one can have access to millions of potential dates at one go. This LoveBondings article gives you a list of the 14 popular online dating sites that every single person should know about.
LoveBondings Staff
Now That's an Interesting Fact!
According to a recent data released byQuartz, a business and marketing website, white men and Asian women receive the maximum interests when it comes to online dating. These findings were based on the feedback received by users of the Facebook dating app, Are You Interested.
While most daters would prefer knowing people from the same ethnicity and cultural background, it has been observed that if someone else makes the first move, they don't mind leaping the boundaries of culture or race! This is perhaps one great advantage of online dating, the freedom to have access worldwide. Another great relief is the fact that you get to skip the nervousness and consciousness which comes naturally when you start dating a person face to face. Through chats and texts, the web makes it less stressful, or to say, more comfortable for daters to get to know each other initially, making two people a lot more comfortable when they finally meet in person for the first time.
Though this whole idea of finding a mate through a virtual medium wasn't taken well initially, now the concept is widely accepted. With more and more people resorting to this source for finding the right person, there has been a significant increase in the number of dating websites quite lately. With each competitor trying to make their website more user-friendly and attractive, there are unending options to choose from. Nevertheless, to avoid any sort of confusion for our readers, we have prepared a list containing 14 of the best sites you can try for online dating.
Visit these dating sites by clicking on their names. is one of the leaders of the online dating trend, or to say, one of the pioneers in the field. It was launched in the year 1995, and continues to give other websites a good run for their money. Oh, by the way, you don't need to pay anything to become a member. All you need to do is enter your zip code and fill in some basic info about yourself. Once your profile has been approved by the admin, this site gives you endless opportunities to meet daters as per your taste. This site has interesting features including "stir events", wherein (after paying some amount) you can get invited to various events that are organized for meeting potential dates face to face.
This site is the sister site of, perhaps their initiative to accommodate their excessive user base to another of their domain! What we love about this site is their unique personality test! With over 8,000,000 people having tried it already, this test is designed to get an in-depth analysis regarding the ideal matches depending on one's personality. Also, the fun profile designs and online activities make people quite comfortable (in terms of getting to know each other) before they finally set out for a real date.
We absolutely love the way this site describes itself, it gives a kinda unique and modest impression on users. The website states, "We don't claim to evaluate you perfectly, but we do claim to find someone who claims to fulfill your claimed requirements, exactly." This site works on a math-based matching system, wherein members are expected to answer math-based questions. They claim that most dating sites use matching systems that are "nonexistent" or "overly subjective". Which perhaps implies that their math-based system is more logical and legit, what say?
This site is highly popular among mobile users. In fact, it is "the number one grossing online dating app in the Apple App Store", as the website describes. Zoosk is known for its 'Behavioral Matchmaking technology', which has been developed after observing its large user base, with over 25 million searchable members. What we love about this site is that you get to skip those lengthy exam-like questionnaires. Their unique technology setup learns your preferences from the way you behave, or in other words, the way you click and select the profiles you might like. It claims to be the market leader in mobile dating.
Another powerful influence in the dating market is this website that is based on years and years of research done by Dr. Neil Clark Warren―a clinical psychologist with over 35 years of experience in counseling married couples. Dr. Warren's experience and understanding has resulted in the formation of eHarmony's patented Compatibility Matching System, which enables its users to find and enjoy a compatible and understanding mate who stays for a lifetime. After 14 years of its launch, this site still continues to conduct rigorous research to make the dream of meeting your soulmate, an achievable reality. The site is a extremely user-friendly and simple, making it one of the well-suited options for singles out there.
With over 70 million registered users, and almost 50,000 signups every day, PlentyOfFish, or pof, is definitely among the sites you must check out with a hope to find a potential date. This site has been in the news for various reasons, but the one that really awed us was the USD 100,000 grand prize that was given to a lucky couple who participated in a wedding contest conducted by this site last year; one of those instances that make you believe in true love, miracles, cute instances, and that online dating can make you rich! On a serious note, join this site for love, not money.
Another popular dating site, exclusively confined to those who share the Christian faith and abide by its beliefs and traditions. It's free to join. This site has helpful features, such as instant messenger, emails, chat, and message boards. Their mission is, "to serve as the premier online community for singles looking to date, make meaningful connections and marry within the Christian faith". For those singles who are looking for the person God has made for them, this site is a good means to begin your search with.
Though badoo is not a site meant only for dating, over the past few years, it has been successful in becoming a popular dating site. Technically, as the website describes, "With over 202m users, Badoo is great for chatting, making friends, sharing interests, and even dating!" You can join this site using your Facebook account, free of cost. Though, if you want to use some exclusive features to put your profile in the limelight, there are features such as Rise Up , Spotlight, or Super Powers, that would cost you money.
This dating site exclusively for Jewish daters who wish to mingle and find a mate that understands what it is to share this faith. With about half-a-million members, JDate has some fun features including the 'Secret Admirer'. This site also organizes travel adventures, apart from giving members an opportunity to participate in Jewish events as well. You need to pay a minimum amount for subscription, "One month's Subscriber costs less than a night on the town and delivers the people you WANT to meet, WHEN you want to meet them", as their webpage describes.
It's refreshing to see a website such as this make it among the most popular ones! We love the fact that this site caters to those users who understand the meaning of the word, "relationship" in its true sense. Yes, it caters to those singles who are looking for companionship after being free from the responsibilities of life―after reaching their 50s, or even later. It's free to join, and an ideal place for singles over 50 to meet potential daters.
This is a 100% free dating website with over 60 million users all across the globe. We guess the 'being absolutely free' part is one of the reasons behind its success, since we tend to see so many online scams on such websites, wherein a few unfortunate users get totally ripped off. This site claims to be at least equally upgraded, if not more than its counterparts that expect members to pay. Apart from that, it has additional features, including, the facility for each and every member to send and receive messages, every member has his/her own blog, and there are interactive forums, date ideas, and more, all packed in an easy-to-use interface.
We signed up for this site, and the first thing we see is a list of daters celebrating their birthday. A link says, "Why not congratulate him [or her]" Guess, this is a nice approach to break the ice when it comes to showing interest in a profile that looks good! Like most websites, we saw a great mixture of ethnicity and age group. The signup is pretty easy and free! There are some interesting features, including, The Little Black Book which helps customize your search, and Winks, that give you a chance to flirt with those that please your eyes. Interesting and very much modern, yet simple.
If you hate the whole idea of traditional dating, wherein you text or mail a person back and forth, only to find out within the first few minutes of your first date, that you've been pursuing someone who is not your type, then this site comes to your rescue. It has managed to become a huge hit within a few years of its launch, and―as per the site―continues to enroll thousands of members on a daily basis. With its real-time chat technology along with the mobile dating app, instant notifications and ongoing communication makes it easier for daters to locate a potential match within their area. The unlimited 5-minute speeddates tell you if you click. If you do, meet them right away, or move on, if you don't see a connection happening. As simple as that.
This is one of Europe's prominent dating sites, with over tens of thousands members. The access to the community needs no payment. Like other competitive dating websites, even this one has some fun features, including, personal ad, IM, quiz, wink, and the like. Also, it has a unique feature known as daily6, wherein each day, you are introduced to 6 new profiles that match your search specifications. You get to know them, decide if you 'wish to know them', and you have 6 more options lined up for you the next day! If you are in Europe, it's a definite site to be on.
The aforementioned websites have been chosen based on their popularity and user base. While more users mean more options, it also means a higher chance of meeting the wrong people! What we're trying to say is that every now and then, you hear a dater falling victim to yet another scam on a popular dating website; mind you, the ones listed above are no exception! You needn't be blind to the bad guys when you're looking for something as pure and good as love. Be cautious, as many people lie when dating online. Keep your guard up, and most importantly, do not offer any monetary help to someone you've hardly met―online! Date with your brain and heart, and you'll surely be off to a good start. May you find your soulmate and live happily ever after.