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Be Sweetly Expressive: Romantic Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Romantic Things to Say to your Boyfriend
When times are low, let your words make him rise. Take a look at some of the most romantic things to say to your boyfriend, and make him realize how much you love him with each second that passes by.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
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As it may be, it's a rule. We, women, are more expressive and easier to read, in comparison to men. We choose the exact words to prattle about, ensure the right intonation, and make sure we end up dissecting an otherwise casual issue. And men? Men just usher in, and nod. Then again, I might sound staunchly chauvinistic, having said that it's we who look for tones, and it's we again, who are eloquent and dramatic. May be, that's how we are wired, brain-wise. However, if you're one of those females who find themselves frequently tongue-tied, it might as well be better for you to loosen up a bit.
Figure out a bunch of romantic things to say to your boyfriend, in text or in person, and don't forget to keep it real. When there's no room for action, it is some starry-eyed, lovey-dovey words that will do the trick for you. To bring him closer. To make him yours. Let's get started with some of the most romantic words that you could say to the man of your life - meticulously picked so that you don't sound like a dork, and definitely not cheesy.
Romantic Things to Say to Him
Waking up with a greeting, sleeping by hearing your last words for the day... how would he not fall for even the slightest and shortest of wordings you dedicate to him? Begin your day with a breezy 'Good morning, Honey-bunch', and end it with a dozy 'Sweet Dreams, Sugar'.
But what to say throughout the day? Here are my top picks.
  • When you kiss me without uttering a single word, you speak to my soul.
  • Life without you would be like a broken pencil... pointless.
  • If I mixed a bit of Keith Urban, tinge of Brad Pitt, a fraction of Tom Hanks, and a large amount of Zac Efron... I'll get you! Perfect.
  • I love you - these three words have my life in them.
  • It ain't raining, just drizzling here. Makes me reminiscent of the songs we used to share.
  • You know, you make my world. Your dimensions are just about appropriate for it. (This one is funny for sure!)
  • Your smile makes me laugh! Your laugh makes me smile. Every time I see your face, I can never frown on that day.
  • I'm not going to say that I can't live without you, because I can... I just don't want to!
  • Yeah, being with you is difficult sometimes, but being without you? Impossible!
  • Whether it is making up or making out, it's blissful only because of you.
  • Do you have any idea how fast my heart races when I am with you?
  • This day means a lot to me, but without you by my side, even the most meaningful day would be worth nothing!
  • Some things in life make you come up with great one liners. And then, there is you, who makes me go absolutely speechless.
  • You say you love me and want to hold me tight. These words run through my head day and night. I dream of you holding me and making me see, that forever together we're meant to be.
  • Between life and death, YOU are the best thing that happened to me.
Sometimes, he wouldn't respond to you with words - his response would show in his eyes, and on his lips. It shouldn't surprise you if he doesn't do that either, for he'd take no time to take you in his arms, and never let go. Words, they have an unreal effect sometimes.
Romantic Things to Say to Him in Text
Texting is revolutionary. Giving you the ability to plan, decide, and take your time to what to say, some immensely cute messages to send to your boyfriend could be the perfect idea to let him know what are you feeling, as texting ranks way up high there. You can decide which words would make you appear smart, and you could frame a text message after erasing the words twenty times before hitting on Send! When he isn't with you - at work, with his friends, or just alone somewhere, you could easily get away with saying the funniest things about him, and at the same time, can expect an adorable frown as his response. Similar rules apply to texting romantic things to him - this time, be a little smarter and witty.
For example, see the following:
  • I wish you were here so we could cuddle and fall asleep together to dream about a life that's together!
  • All day long, I hear people talking out loud. But when you talk to me, your sweet voice drowns out the crowd! I miss you.
  • I have sent you this sms to tell you that I am thinking about you. I hope that this 1 minute of messaging will help convey my 1 lifetime of love.
  • Someone asked me, "So, why do you like him so much?" But before I could even reply; my best friend put her hand over my mouth and said: "Oh dude! Don't even get her started"!
  • Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.
  • I finally got my past, present and future tenses correct today. I loved you. I love you. I will love you forever!
  • To be honest with you, I do not have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; a heart that is aching to see you smile again.
  • If you want me to shut my mouth during a fight, kiss me.
  • You're so addictive. Are you a drug or something?
  • So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!
With that said, I'll bend my advice on what all could you use as some mushy wordings to make your boyfriend's day. If dramatics or contrived one liners don't fetch you enough response, just tell him straight with a tight hug and a sweet kiss. It does make all the difference, doesn't it?
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