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Interesting Text Conversation Starters and Rules You Must Follow

Text Conversation Starters
Text conversation starters are more difficult to formulate than normal conversation starters because of the simple fact that you cannot play off the other person's emotions and draw your conversation out further. In the following article, we will provide you with ideas on how you can draw up conversation starters and steer a great conversation like thus.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
And you have her number...

The skies are blue again, the birds are chirping their favorite song.
The autumn leaves gather near your feet, sauntering as you go along.
There's music playing in your ears, and new possibilities there are to choose.
What if you gave her a call right away, what would there be to lose?
And then a thought makes way into your head - what if it is too soon?
She gave you her number in the morning, and it is now, but noon.
What to do? What not to do? Should you call or text her?
Maybe texting would be a better option, lest calling would vex her.
But what to text and what to say? How to start a conversation via texting?

Same story. Different guy. It could be a girl as well, of course. But the core of the matter is that reaching this point of 'texting, not calling' seems more appealing. It is, after all, not coming on too strong and not really being meek, either. But you see, coming up with conversation starters via texting can get really tough for some people, especially if they deal with the 'let's text, because you can't play off emotions and your tone might be misinterpreted'. But let's not start with the negative right at the onset and let's move onto more positive prospects. Refer to the following examples and ideas of how you can come up with great conversation starters over texting.
Texting a Girl
Women are tough to understand. But keep these rules in mind and you'll be off to a great start with that special someone.
Time is the Essence
Using cellphone outdoors.
You met her, you liked her, you want to meet her again. All that's great, but the essence is in the time. Do not message her the minute you get home, cause if she's not that into you yet this will be a total put off. So then? Wait for a good 5-6 hours to pass and then message something breezy and non-committal like referring to something funny that happened. This is where the tricky part comes in - you have to gage her reaction and message appropriately after.
Challenging Usually Works
After she responds, try using a comment that is with reference to what happened in the course of your meeting - anything funny that she did perhaps or maybe she embarrassed herself. But when you use this incident, don't put her down, use it in such a manner that it challenges or teases her. She'll usually rise up to the challenge and you'll see that the conversation will flow on its own. Just remember to be very careful with what you say. Nothing that is rude or hurtful.
After the playful banter, try and introduce a compliment in your messages. Don't flatter - compliment. Whatever it was you liked about her, now is the time to say it. And since you guys have been messaging back and forth, she won't take it to mean the wrong thing either. Now is also the time that you can introduce the flirty text conversation starters, but be subtle about it. Check for her response and if you feel that she has suddenly closed up, don't go there yet.
Add Mystery
So say you'll are texting back and forth; there will be a lot of questions asked and queries made. The trick is to not answer everything right off. Be playful and give indirect answers. Adding mystery to your conversation is always a great way to be keep their interest piqued, ensuring that the conversation draws out.
Sense of Humor
Sense of humor? Yeah, a huge turn on for most women. So use that to your advantage. Use it in normal conversation topics. Send some funny text messages. If you're wondering how to find the right things to talk about, then simply find similarities in hobbies. That will give you a lot of things to message.
Texting a Guy
Finding good conversation starters with a guy can be a daunting process, no matter how many times you've done it before. The tension of whether he'll respond, or worse still, give a cursory response, can get pretty irritating. So then how to go about these starters successfully? Here are some ways that ease the tension and help with things.
Men First
So then, how to start a conversation with a guy? You don't. No, seriously. Wait for the guy to message. I know it sounds completely 500 years ago, but it's known to work. Guys, as is well-known, love the chase. So if you've made an impression, he'll message. But what if he doesn't? Give it sometime and then message something that is noncommittal - something like a query about the eve and then almost as an afterthought say that you enjoyed yourself.
Funny and Flirty
That is what you have to be. Do not dwell on emotional drama that gets into a lot of detail about mundane things. Boring. Keep it short and simple and infuse it with a lot of humor. You can even go with the flirty text messaging technique. But don't forget to ask questions that border on humor and wit. The ability to laugh at yourself is a big turn on as well, so if you can make that happen somehow, nothing like it.
Guys love them, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The fun thing is, you can be a little (or a lot) bold as well and it won't be taken in the wrong way or be offensive to them. Using words like 'stud' or 'hunk' are supposed to have a very tickling effect, we are told. I would probably stick to a more subtle use of words, but it's your call.
Opposite Roles
So here's the tricky part - you've struck up a conversation and left a mark, now is the time to retreat. Don't constantly be messaging, let him miss you a little. Also, as tough as this one is, try not to respond at the speed of lightning when he messages or calls. Take your time. But, you can't let him forget you either, so message once in a while, but message at different times of the day. This will let him know that you're into him as well. Tough to strike a balance, but try.
Text conversation starters can get a little confusing to go by, because you can't play off the other person's reaction. But if you use these pointers right, there will be nothing stopping you from owning that conversation piece. So then, who are you messaging today?