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Clearing the Basic Doubts: Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Things Guys Wish Girls Knew
There are many things guys wish girls knew, and a compilation of some of them have been presented in this article. So if you are confused about something in your relationship with your man, this article might be able to clear your doubts about how a man thinks.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
The macho gender has been touted with many descriptive words, often called insensitive and inexpressive, limited, reserved, and straight forward. Well, that is superficial but a reality, when it comes to men. In this context, compiling things that guys wish girls knew is not an easy task. Just like femininity is a complex subset of numerous parameters, masculinity is a trait that every men conceals in himself, so much so that, the primal instincts only appear in dominance, making him a scripted character who is focused on passion, physical bonding, and dominance.
However, the same primal hunter man, who believes in raw sex has evolved as a compassionate father, a protector, a leader, and a caretaker. Virtues that existed thousands of years in men have evolved, just like in females. Women are now are dominating every field of work. Most importantly, they have become more liberal in their physical expression. They ask for what they want. On the flip side, males have also transformed in their roles. They are also getting out there, battling in the kitchen, changing baby diapers, handling issues of relationships and managing families.
Darwin's theory of evolution, or for that matter, Darwinian sense of selectivity no doubt is inherently true for human beings, but human society is again on the edge of witnessing societal changes. In this context, viewing men as just uni - dimensional entities focused on visual stimulus, seems a poor justification of the potential inherent in a man. There are lots of internal factors going on in a man's mind when he commits to a girl. The basic essence of male female bonding, are indisputably, the same. So, some very obvious things guys wish girls knew, have been presented in this article. They may seem very simple, but lack of awareness of even these simple things has led to relationship issues in the lives of several couples.
What Guys Want Girls to Know
Everyone tells you that we love bikes, car racing, speed, thrill, excitement, wine, and girls. I'm taking a break from such obvious aspects they are nothing, but the tip of the iceberg, as to what lies in a man's heart. Moreover, all these aspects are true for not only those men who're really serious and caring about their relationships, but even the ones' who're still in phases of puppy love or infatuation.
  • It is a fact that both genders are equally important. Fathers are as precious as mothers. I mean much has been said about the value of mothers and women empowerment, but the fact is also that the same man, who is often regarded to be of coarse behavior is a protector and a savior. The same aggressive man supports his daughter when she is out there in the world and the same protector guides the family in rough times.
  • We may sometimes forget to do small things, anything from doing the gardening work to bringing grocery from the market. However, when it comes to raising kids, funding their studies or ensuring that our wives have a new dress, we are serious about it. We do feel bad, if aren't able to support our families.
  • We believe in success and losing makes us afraid. In trying hundreds of things out there in the battle of life, we do need an emotional support, as strong as the strait of Gibraltar. This is where man needs strong support from his lady love. Men are facing more challenges in society handling numerous issues. Most relationships are not ending because of lack of sexual dissatisfaction, but because of the deep emotional connectivity married men miss in life. A successful emotional support, a believer in a man's abilities, is like a fuel to their performance in life.
  • We're wired to be selfish, very often. For us relationships are another attempt to complete our lives. Isn't it the same for you? We wish females to have their own life, their own expressive self. We wish you have your own passions and don't lean excessively on our shoulders. Believe me, if you're excessively emotional with us, we tend to become afraid and often anxiety steps in the relationship. Have your life and make it enriching. If both males and females have their own lives, it would create an everlasting bonding with millions of things to share.
  • Lead us in the bedroom. We would love it if you direct us in bed. Tell us what is your fantasy, what is your imagination. We love when you're completely in the act. In fact, we would love it if you often take charge. Help us understand your pleasures and joys in a more profound way.
  • We love to hang out with you, and live with you. Your presence is illuminating, to the core. We respect your feminine nature and we wish you to be proud of that. That cute smile, that blushing, the motherhood nature and all the virtues that make you a woman, are really fascinating for us. We love you for being women.
  • For us and probably, for you also, love is not just being with each other, all the time. Space is what every man needs in life. Excessive or under controlling female partners are likely to lose grip of their male partners, in the long run.
  • When we're honest, committed and doing our best, we hate to be asked for more time and attention. Real men are always reliable in a relationship and if we're serious, we expect you to respond in the same way. Extramarital affairs can be a serious blow to any relationship.
  • We may not be very expressive always, but that does not mean we don't care. We do try to improve our 'expressive quotient'.
  • We like to hear original compliments. It is like a great booster for us. It is better if the praise goes beyond our biceps and cute smile. Help us to get out of the groove of the 'physical world' and make us aware about something that really matters to you, as a woman. The real encouragement for a man is when he knows in his heart that he is being respected, admired, and loved for his actions. And nothing is more motivating than the motivation from a lady, in a man's life, besides his own self determination.
More from Guys for Girls
  • It is difficult for us to remember each and every word spoken by him or her. We can briefly summarize any information for you, but don't ask exact phrases and words spoken by your friends to their friends, or for that matter, to us. There is no tape recorder mechanism inside our brains to record every conversation.
  • Don't mind if we find other woman attractive because that's the way we're wired in our brains. This doesn't mean that a) we aren't interested in you b) you're any less attractive c) we aren't happy with you. It is just a temporary reaction to stimulus. The same may occur to you, we never complain!
  • Every individual knows himself, or herself, more than anybody. When you say that "we know you more than yourself", although it may sound cute, it really isn't. We know what we're doing. We'll tell you what we want. Know yourself better, as it is the platform from everlasting relationships.
  • We can't possibly keep you updated with all the news, gossips, and discussions going on in every sphere of life.
  • We appreciate it a lot when you realize that we do need time to go out with guys, once in a while.:-)
  • We love it when you take care of your body. It is more appealing to see you playing sports and getting involved in activities.
  • We're the happiest, most alive and most dynamic creatures on this universe, when you cook for us. You're the world's best chef. Sometimes, a lil' extra salt or sugar isn't an issue;-)
  • Sometimes we do wonder, and are thankful for a fact, that someone like you is with us.
  • Long hours on the phone or text messages are interesting, but not always.
  • We like you to be confident in your life. It makes you more attractive.
  • We appreciate some sense of humor. If you can laugh with us, we're going to stay there, longer, probably, as long as you want.
  • PDAs, in general, are loved by most of us. Some of us who don't like PDAs are secret admirers of it. Surprise kisses in public or a sudden groping is a sure wow for most of us.
  • We're just like you equally, almost with mathematical precision and accuracy, nervous about anything - right from the "first kiss" to "first time". Nonetheless, we're surely more excited about IT, anytime!
  • We love when you dress differently, or try any new outfit.
  • If you think we've made a mistake, tell us immediately.
  • Shorts, gym wear, running shoes - you look great in these outfits and accessories. Yeah, we love to see you in these dresses.
  • We love to be pampered. We don't know the exact reason behind this but sometimes we do need to be treated like a child. But only sometimes, please!
  • We love when you express yourself, talk about life, about love. Assertiveness is a virtue that we do find appealing in you.
  • Telling us is a better option, instead of waiting for us to figure it out, if you want anything or if you like us. We like to read minds, but we fail badly.
  • We love to "chase" girls. Stereotypically said, we enjoy the "thrill of the hunt" but then we do realize that it will fade off, once we're in a relationship. Communication is the key to long-lasting relationships here. Talk to us and don't believe we're understanding without your telling us.
  • We're mostly attracted to anyone from the opposite sex for their damn hot looks. That is where it ends. When we look for settling in life, our priorities change, to a significant level. We prefer excellent partners who can talk to us, communicate to us, and most importantly those who have the knack of keeping the mystery alive.
  • Don't tell us each and everything you know, you do and just become a solved puzzle for us. A healthy dose of mystery about yourself, is always nice. Let us search what more you have in you! Don't make it too easy for us to get you!
  • We're not great on advising you on fashion. When it comes to fashion for you, all we can tell you is, wear something you're comfortable in. Selecting outfits for you is a difficult task but we won't mind, if you slowly change your dress in front of us!
  • Shopping is an art that can be mastered alone. ;-) Sometimes, we can help you, though ;-)
  • When you talk softly, you appear so graceful that kissing you seems the only option. But when you're shouting, it is really a turn off.
  • Knowing your friends and their lives is interesting, but only up to a level. It is better to discuss 'us' than 'them'.
  • Believe us, sometimes, you look sexiest when you're without any make up. We're secret admirers of natural beauty so we don't mind if you forget to put on the mascara some day!
  • Yeah, we think about sex, most of the time, but that doesn't translate it that we always want it in action. And if we kiss, hold your hands and give you a tight hug, that necessarily means, we're preparing for the big game.
  • All girls pay attention. We love when you initiate physical intimacy.
  • Sometimes we do lie, but then that is to make you feel better.
  • Don't quote the solution of every problem from your parents' solution book.
  • Long hair appeals us to a great extent. I mean even we don't know why those long shining black or blond hair, makes us crave you more. Don't ever cut them short, possibly.
  • If you tell us to do something, let us do it our way. If you want something to be done your way, tell us before. Don't expect, both to happen at the same time.
  • Don't make crying your weapon. We really feel low when you cry.
  • We don't always think about you, day and night. Meaning: let the mystery be alive.
  • We appreciate it if you have a hobby.
  • We don't always use creative ways to say I love you. Most of our expressions are actions. Repairing some household work, attending to your household chores are just some reflections of our love. We don't always say, but yes, we do show it in our actions. At least, we try.
  • We're infamous for being non - serious and commitment phobic. But on the flip side, we take time to figure out, if the girl is really as per our desires. We don't hesitate to marry the same girl again, if we're damn sure about her.
  • We listen to you, even when we're checking mails. Sometime, we listen quietly. It is a myth that men don't listen.
  • Instead of talking incessantly, we prefer to share bonds with you by engaging in numerous activities. This may include, but is not limited to sex, sports, cooking, and traveling.
  • We do need space, just like you. We do need time for ourselves. Don't you need the same?
  • We forget resentment and grudges faster. Don't hold on to anything negative for too long. It sours the relationship.
  • Appreciation works wonders for us. It is like a dose of confidence boosters and makes us feel good. It helps us in our professional and at our personal level.
  • We love to go to the extra mile in an attempt to please you. Bringing a smile on your face adds tons to our confidence and sense of self-assurance. We like to please you.
  • We tend to worry often, and not feel so good about everything. This transitional and temporary shift of mood can be changed with your smile, pecks, talks, and hugs.
  • We do run away from a relationship, if there is a conflict in our needs. Most importantly, if our emotional needs are not met.
  • We love to talk to you while watching a football or basketball game, but only during commercials. ;-) Also, please don't take away the TV remote from us when a match is being broadcast.
  • Money matters to us. We're neither spend thrifts, nor excessively frugal. We can gift you on 'n' number of occasions, provided our budget is available.
  • Don't force us to commit. The day commitment springs from our deepest core of the heart, we'll come running to you.
  • We appreciate that you love us, even with lots of imperfections.
I hope this information on things guys wish girls knew must have helped both the genders to figure out both; the funny and serious sides of a relationship. Knowing what your man wants is easily possible if you try to figure out his deepest desires of his life, his goals, aims, and objectives. May this new year bring a great life ahead for each of you!
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