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Communication Exercises for Couples to Have a Smooth Married Life

Communication Exercises for Married Couples
The main aim of communication exercises for married couples is to establish effective communication between a man and a woman. Let's have a look at some of these exercises and learn how are they helpful.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Everyone who's married or ever been married knows that marriage is full of surprises. It's a journey in which two people are involved and they always promise to be together in joy and sorrow. If you really want your marriage to work, it's very essential that both the partners put in the same effort. Yes, marriage requires a lot of work but when both the man and woman give in their 100%, the task becomes more fun and easy. Often there are times when most married couples pass through a bad phase and sometimes this phase brings in a distance. Due to this distance, sometimes couples find it hard to express themselves and the relationship is further damaged by the lack of communication. Many marriage counselors believe that practicing these exercises is one of the best ways to establish healthy communication in a marriage. These exercises are very simple to follow but very effective when put in use.
Communication Exercises for Couples in Marriage
Crystal clear communication is very important in a healthy marriage. It's very obvious that couples who are comfortable talking with each other, stay with together for the longest time. A healthy communication involves sharing of ideas and feelings and most importantly love. Almost every couple sees a rough phase in their marriage and knowing certain communication skills in relationships prove helpful for solving various marital problems and having a better understanding of each other.
Three Things I Love and Hate About You
This exercise will truly be helpful if both the individuals practice it honestly. Both the partners should have a piece of paper in their hand and they should write three things that they love and hate about their respective other. Make sure you practice this exercise alone where there is peace and quiet, you'll then give this list to each other. Now, without getting offended or too happy about the list take the three things which your partner hates about you into serious consideration and feel happy about the things that your spouse loves about you. Think how you can be a better partner to your spouse and thank him/her for being truthful.
You Have to Listen
Remember that communication is a two-way street, you have to listen to the other person and listening with open ears and full concentration is always appreciated. 90% of problems in a marriage happen because one out of the two is not listening attentively to what the other is saying. Listening carefully to what your spouse has to say and giving each other importance is essential. Just remember your dating period, you two were so much in love and use to give each other opinions so much importance. You have to follow the same thing in a marriage.
Positive Speaking and Healthy Words
Another reason for lack of communication in marriage is because of negative speaking. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that positive speaking is better than negative speaking. Speaking harsh words may hurt your partner and she/he may feel attacked and insulted. If you are not comfortable with something, then its good to speak up and let them know but it's also advisable to be polite and gentle while speaking. Speaking positive words is a great communication exercises for married couples.
Stop Assumptions
Another good couples communication exercises that you can follow is being non judgmental. I've seen it many times and even you're mature enough to know it that making assumptions always lands you in trouble. When you make assumptions, you start projecting something that hasn't happened yet and this embarks a string of fights and misunderstandings. So it is better that you stop making assumptions and think from both sides of the coin.
These were some basic communication exercises for married couples which help establish effective communication between them. There might be times when your spouse may hesitate to speak fearing how the conversation may turn out. In such times, it's very necessary that you support her/him and let her/him be comfortable and free.